3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus Headset

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3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus Headset 

The 3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus, all-in-one two-way radio headset allows two-way conversation on up to 30 channels and has a range of up to 9,500 feet. The environmental listening technology assists workers to hear environmental sounds in low noise and helps provide protection when it’s loud.

The science of hearing

The 3M™ PELTOR™ Brand is known around the globe as a leader in innovative hearing protection and communication solutions. From manufacturing to transportation to elite tactical military teams and local law enforcement, industries rely on PELTOR innovations like environmental listening technology-that automatically adjusts the level of hearing protection based on noise levels, allowing team members to communicate without the temptation to remove their hearing protectors. 

They also depend on the technology that goes into our integrated two-way radio headsets, allowing for clear communication in noisy environments-including wireless capability powered by Bluetooth® technology.
    • Protective communication solution for hands-free, clear communication in noisy environments
    • Features an integrated analog two-way radio and noise-canceling speech microphone
    • Utilizes both Push-to-Talk and voice-operated transmission (VOX)
    • Helps provide hearing protection when exposed to hazardous noise
    • Integrated two-way radio with 22 pre-programmed FRS channels
    • Environmental listening technology helps provide protection when it’s loud, as well as helps workers hear environmental sounds when it’s not

    The 3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus Headset is a hearing protector with an integrated analog two-way radio and a noise-canceling speech microphone to deliver a wireless, hands-free protective communication solution. The LiteCom Plus headset also includes environmental listening technology, allowing workers to hear environmental sounds in low noise and while providing protection against loud working conditions.

    The 3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus Headset is designed for use in manufacturing, processing, equipment maintenance, crane operations, construction, and many other applications in noisy environments. All settings and controls on this headset are designed to be intuitively simple; its noise-canceling microphone can be activated by pressing the Push-to-Talk button on the earcup or by using voice-operated transmission (VOX). As you speak into the microphone, the channel is opened in milliseconds, allowing for near-instantaneous, clear communication in noisy environments. As an added benefit, this technology is combined with the professional-grade durability and all-day wearability you’ve grown to expect from the PELTOR™ Brand, making it a robust hearing protection solution.


    Attenuation Rating

    25 dB / 27 dB

    Audio Type


    Battery Life

    20 hr

    Battery Type

    Lithium-ion Rechargeable



    Communication Type


    Connection Type

    Integrated Communication

    Hearing Protection Style


    Product Color


    Product Series


    Product Type


    Suspension Method

    Hard Hat Mount / Headband

    Wireless Technology

    Two-way Radio

    eClass 14 Classification Group