RUBBER DUMMIES - 3D Rubber Silhouette Targets






Rubber Dummies are life size 3D torso targets. They are made exclusively in the USA from 100% recycled rubber. Our unique material composition allows the projectiles to pass through with minimal deformation and degradation to the Dummy. Our Dummies "Self Heal"  after each shot.

They have an outer "skin" that reacts to each impact giving the shooter a realistic visual sense as to where the target has been struck. The "skin" of the targets is easily and quickly re-applied and thereby makes it almost new again. They are extremely durable and can be used over and over again.

Our Dummies are able to take 1000's of hits from just about any caliber. Anything from 17HMR to 50BMG, bird shot to slugs, 22's to 50S&W. Our Dummies can stand up to everything you fire at it. Rubber Dummies are great fun for Recreational Shooting, Self Defense Training and Tactical Training as well. Unlike steel targets our Dummies allow the projectiles to pass through them. This allows them to be shot at from Point Blank Range making the Dummies ideal for indoor ranges, close-up self defense training and "fire" house tactical facilities. Every hit can be easily and instantly seen regardless of how far away the shooter is.


Q. How many rounds will it take before it's no longer useable?

A. This will depend on the calibers used and the concentration of shots. After testing several Dummies with various calibers and shooters the average usage is 4000-5000 rounds.

Q. What calibers can we shoot at it?

A. The Dummies can be shot with everything from .17HMR to 50 BMG. The caliber is not as important as the type of projectile. We recommend that you do not use hollow point or wadcutter types of projectile. Open hollow points will have a "cookie cutter" effect and can actually cut a hole through the Dummy that won't close. Shotguns with Buckshot or Birdshot at a distance of at least 30 feet are okay but it's going to depend on the shells you use and your choke. Be careful as the wads tend to bounce back from the Dummie. Slugs are going to do the most damage. Especially if they are flat faced or graze the edge of the Dummie.

Q. How much does it weigh?

A. The Dummies weighs in at 30 pounds. The Stand is almost 20 pounds when assembled.

Q. What is the stand made from?

A. The bracket that the Dummy sits on is 3/8" AR-500 plate. This assures that it won't be destroyed if you hit it. The pole is 3/4" pipe. If the pipe is hit and needs to be replaced you can get one at any local hardware store. The base is 1/8" steel plate and has 4 1/2" holes in the corners so you can stake it down if you need to.

Q. How do the Kill Shot Packets attach to the Dummies?

A. Each pack of Kill Shot Packets come with enough thumbtacks to tack in every packet. Just tack them onto the back of the Dummy wherever you want.

Q. Can I hit or punch it?

A. Yes but we encourage you to use gloves as it's very dense.

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