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Lifesaving Ballistics Technologies:

Level III – IV  • Ultra Light • Ultra Thin • Positive Buoyancy • Industry-leading Warranties • Multi-Hit • Increased Comfort • Increased Survivability      

In the world today, ballistics protection solutions are measured on three key variables; how strong is the protection, how much does it weigh, and finally, how much does it cost. It has been more than 30 years since any disruptive technologies in ballistics protection have been announced. We are excited to introduce ShotStop Ballistics, LLC’s advanced ballistics raw materials and custom engineered solutions to a market that is well-overdue for something far more dynamic, light weight and more affordable. 

U.S.-based ShotStop® Ballistics is developing the lightest, thinnest, and strongest advanced armor technologies in the world. From body armor plates and armored vehicle protection to its innovative BallisticBoard® material and custom armor solutions, ShotStop Ballistics utilizes its proprietary Duritium® materials and processes to lead the way in improving the protection of our police, military, special forces, S.W.A.T., security personnel, and more. With technical expertise that spans the last 35+ years, the ShotStop team brings together engineers, Ph.Ds, chemists, product developers, and ballistic specialists to create ballistic technology that saves lives, reduces restriction, and maximizes performance. ShotStop consistently uses independent and federally National Institute of Justice, to ensure ShotStop armor positions our servicemen and women with the best possible protection.

What is Duritium®?

Duritium is a portfolio of patented, patents pending and proprietary technologies that enables ShotStop advanced armor solutions to defeat ballistic, blast, spike and edge threats far more efficiently and effectively than all other comparative technologies and systems.

ShotStop’s Duritium technology enables high-powered rifle protection that is up to 45 percent thinner and up to 200 percent lighter than other body armor plates at same protection levels. This means personnel in the field can have the same protection level with much less bulk and weight, experiencing dramatically improved comfort and mobility.   

The Best Body Armor

Comparing Body Armor Types: Steel vs. Ceramic vs. Polyethylene Plates (click here for comparison).

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