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The Gatorz evolution
The Gatorz™ brand emerged in 1989 under one founding principle: create something as bold and unique as the people who would wear them—the elite. That inspired a new type of eyewear designed and engineered for the trifecta of fit, form, and function, and proudly made in the USA. Nearly 30 years later, Gatorz sunglasses—with their signature aluminum frame—maintain a reputation for exceptional performance in any situation, from the extreme to the everyday.

 It all started with motorcycles (doesn’t it always?)
Our evolution began with our passion for high-velocity sports, mainly on motorcycles. We designed our first aluminum-frame sunglasses to withstand riding at any speed, but still be comfortable—and look cool, of course.  Unlike typical plastic sunglasses, our frames easily fit under a helmet; were adjustable to custom-fit the rider’s face; provided full coverage from wind, dust, and debris; and looked just as badass as the people wearing them.

After that, our popularity reached new heights
A few years later, with the trust and respect of the motorcycle riding community to our credit, some thrill-seeking action junkies decided to put these frames to the ultimate test: freefalling from 13,000 feet in an element where there’s no room for error.  The glasses did not disappoint. They stayed in place and provided the same protection that earned a thumbs-up from riders. Plus, they shielded jumpers’ eyes from the sun. No eyewear on the market could do that kind of double duty. After that, this small, extremely passionate, adrenaline-loving crowd adopted Gatorz as their can’t-live-without sunglasses.

And the sky was not the limit

Soon after the skydiving community adopted Gatorz, our sunglasses faced the ultimate test of performance: use by the US Navy SEALs and Elite Operators of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). They passed with flying colors. The durability and functionality of our aluminum frames again proved to serve several practical—and now tactical—purposes. Gatorz could be worn under a helmet during freefall, didn’t pinch while wearing ear protection and communication devices, and served as dual-purpose eye protection in a combat scenario. And, some would say most importantly, they didn’t compromise the most important rule of all: Always be cool.

There’s nothing Gatorz can’t handle                                   The Gatorz brand has earned its tried-and-true status among those who demand the best. Whether you’re jumping out of a plane, breaching a building, engaged in battle, or at the range, our sunglasses are up to the challenge. widget logo