PHOTONIS: PD-PRO-Q Panoramic NVG - White Phosphor

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PD-PRO-Q Panoramic NVG

The Photonis Defense Professional Special Mission Night Vision Goggle or PD-PRO-Q, is the most compact and lightest panoramic goggle on the market today designed for Tier 1 teams. The PD-PRO-Q was designed around our evolutionary shortened 4G filmless Hybrid-18mm image intensifier tubes to create a system that is 33% smaller and 9% lighter than any other panoramic google available in the US.

The Hybrid-18mm image intensifier tube enables an extra 8° field of view (FOV); providing 104° vice the 97° from our closest competitor, which vastly expands situational awareness. The expanded FOV combined with our HypersenseTM 4G tube technology also expands the detection range from below 400nm to above 1,000nm, or 30% more than our competition. The expanded range allows the operator to see laser illuminators not visible to standard military issue night vision goggles without the need for additional digital or thermal clip-on devices.

The PD-PRO-Q is manufactured with an aerospace aluminum alloy that provides exceptional resistance to electromagnetic pulse as well as numerous operating conditions including extreme heat, cold, and salt. The PD-PRO-Q is submersible to 5 meters or 17 feet.

*Note: Saltwater restrictions apply. Please contact a PD-PRO specialist or an authorized distributor for more information.    

Basic Kit Includes: PD-PRO-Q goggle, soft carry bag, daylight safe lens caps, sacrificial filters, full set of clip-in diopters, external battery pack, helmet mount adapter, AA batteries, lens cleaning device, external power cord, quick start guide, hard storage case, access to digital operators manual.

The PD-PRO-Q is only available in the United States from Photonis Defense and authorized distributors.  


  • The PD-PRO-Q Panoramic night vision system is a state-of-the-art tool the provides Special Forces and SWAT Teams a notable advantage when conducting operations – particularly in dense high threat urban areas and underground facilities.

    *In comparison to the available metrics for the GPNVG-18


Horizontal Field of View (FOV)
Vertical Field of View (FOV)
38° +/- 1°
Focus Range
7.9 inches to infinity
Spectral Sensitivity
Below 400nm to above 1,000 nm
Tube Type

Auto-Gated Photonis 4G Hybrid-18mm

Battery Life
~30 hours @ 72°F (21°C) w/ lithium batteries
Operating Temp
-49°F to +140°F (-45°C to +60°C)
<28.2 oz. (<800 grams)
17 feet (5 meters)