Modular Carrier Cummerbund Kit - Color: Coyote

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Modular Carrier Laser Cummerbund System

Our first recommendation to compliment your new modular plate carrier, the Laser Cummerbund System integrates seamlessly! We set out with four design requirements. Extreme durability, minimized weight, maximized air flow, and no compromise. We went all in. Constructed from Laser cut laminated nylon, Hypalon, low profile soft loop, durable shock cord, and 500D Cordura nylon our cummerbund system screams function and quality.

With our cummerbund, you gain additional load bearing space, improved retention and comfort, and effortless install side armor compatibility.

Comprised of two components, the front cummerbund admin flap, and the cummerbund itself, you will lose absolutely zero function of your plate carrier. You will retain full access to your lower admin/kangaroo pouch, and all front & rear webbed real-estate.

Low profile Velcro soft loop inner lining provides a monolithic accessory mounting platform for a wide variety of mounting options, including our Wrap Around Padded Side Plate Pouches! Skeletonized design also allows traditional webbed attachment of all common modular pouches to either side of the cummerbund!



We feel your pain when it comes to products that require sizing. To keep it simple, if you can comfortably run 10” x 12” body armor, our cummerbund with fit you! No sizing necessary, fully adjustable to fit all frames!


Simply insert the cummerbund admin flap panel directly into the lower admin pouch and secure. Slide Laser cut cummerbund through rear cummerbund pass through located on the back side of your Modular plate carrier and adjust for a comfortable fit.

Plate Carrier Compatibility:

Modular Plate Carrier

Modular Pplate Carrier Laser Cummerbund Specs:

Construction: Laser cut laminated nylon, Hypalon, low profile soft loop, durable shock cord, and 500D Cordura nylon

Approximate Weight: only 6.1 ounces

Colors: Black, Coyote, Olive Drab and Multi-Cam


Trauma Plate Insert Features:

    • Adds a Cummerbund to your Modular Plate Carrier!
    • Durable, Lightweight, and Ventilated
    • Laser Cut Laminate, Hypalon, and Low-Profile Velcro Construction
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Soft loop inner monolithic mounting platform
    • Skeletonized design allows webbed attachment on either side of cummerbund